Monday, December 6, 2010

A little Christmas Cheer

Hello and Happy Holidays!!! I am almost done decorating and re-decorating for Christmas. I always forget how difficult it is to fancy things up with my little "helpers" around. Here are some photos, and I can't wait to check out yours.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree... how you looked so much larger at the tree lot.

My mantel

The other side of my mantel

more mantel... I have to say, I love decorating my mantel
even more than I love doing the tree.

LOVE LOVE LOVE my Mercury Glass ornaments
(so much that I feel their name has to be capitalized ;-/ )

Ornaments instead of candles

My "mixed metals" wreath

Oh so pretty and perfect...

Oh this looks fun- I'll help momma.
Yes... needless to say, I have moved my decorations to a higher location.
 But in her defense... they are blocks.
And I can't leave out the girls' tree. 
They had so much fun decorating it and it came out fabulous!

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays and the weather... we had surprise snow this morning!
Thanks for stopping by <3

Hugs and besos,