Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Is it Spring yet???

No definitely not. We just got another 3 inches of snow on top of our 3 FEET and tomorrow night we will be getting ANOTHER 4-8 inches. 

 <3 The monsters love it <3

And it is pretty- but I am ready for chirping birds, blooming flowers, trips to the play ground...
ANNNDDDD Spring Fashion!!!

Oh how I love love LOVE Straw hats <3  

 These FABULOUS cuffs will brighten anyone's day!!! 


And for now... these will be the only flowers I see. :-)

I hope you are all staying warm! 
And be sure to check out all the fabulous shops at the  

Hugs and Besos,

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Today started as a typical Lazy Sunday, cuddling with my princesses watching cartoons. Then the girls got antsy and wanted to destroy the house. So instead of following their mess, cleaning up after them, I figured I would try and get some work done. Which THEN turned into working on my blog, which was in dire need of revamping. I added some new pages that I am REALLY hoping I can keep up on. 
I was so excited to see all the new fonts Blogger had added to the template!!!
I wish they would add more font options to the actual post though. Does anyone know how to change it to something more exciting?

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.
Hugs & Besos,

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bloggers' Bodega

It's Tuesday!!! Do you know what that means? 
Wellll, it means it is Bloggers' Bodega time. 
What is a Bloggers' Bodega??? you ask?!?! 
It is a place where bloggers can advertise for FREE!!! And buyers can support their friends by shopping at their sites. Excited?  I know we are!!

Here's how it works...

For those of you who have an online boutique, etsy, or other web-based store you can advertise here for FREE! (Did I mention it was FREE?) At the bottom of this post you will notice the "linky". Click on "Click Here to Enter", fill in your store's web address and image. Then "Get the Code" and post it to your blog every Tuesday! It is a Blog Hop so your site will advertised on blogs World Wide!

For you who love to shop, this is where you will find the BEST deals and most unique things. From vintage to antique to handmade. Fabulousness for everyone and sure to be lots of fun. And if you like it... let your friends know ;-) And you can also "Get the Code" and post it on Tuesdays!!! We would all appreciate your help <3

Let us know what you think and be sure to stop by and visit
and all the shops who have already joined the Bodega.