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 Paper Bag Curls...

 1950s Marilyn Monroe Look...

I love this look... Check out my friend Lisa's Blog <3

Tomorrow starts Fashion Week!!!!! 
Can't make it? Neither can I. Sad face :'( 
BUT some designers are doing something fabulously cool 
and choosing to live stream their cat walks!

Can I get a "LOVE IT!" for technology?!?!?!
BCBG kicks it off tomorrow and streams from 

I am really excited for Jason Wu's designs this season. 
He is one of my favorite designers.

Photo Credit:
I love the lines and the ruffles. 
And he just has a really good eye!

You can bet I will be scheduling the 
girls' nap time @ 11 this Friday.
You can watch it at too. 
Call me- and we'll discuss ;)

Hugs and Besos,

Allure had this article reviewing 31 New Hair Ideas for 2011.   ( I love how they say they are "new".)  Here are some of my favs.

Last time I checked pony tails were NOT a new concept ;-) But I love it anyways!

I am so happy the "pouf" is still in (with the exception of Snooki's). This is how I wear my hair almost daily.

If I had short, straight, blonde hair- I would have my hair like this. However, my hair is long, curly and dark :-)
Saying that... I am glad curly hair is still "in".
Accessorize your hair... may I suggest vintage barrettes?

A great summer look.

As much as I love this look... The average person could not pull it off. Agreed?