Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Let's Hear it For the Boys

Male Bust
$75 @MStG
I love this form... 

I have this larger one in my house.

Vintage Shirt Fronts
$15ea @MStG
These just fascinate me- I mean- aren't they uncomfortable?!?! 
That feel like cardboard. :-/
Let's think of something else to do with them... Suggestions?!?!

Assorted Vintage Shirt Collars
$6ea @MStG

Again- not thinking these were comfortable.
But they do look fabulous with jewels and rhinestones...
Would also make a cute necklace or bracelet {hmmmm}

Vintage Derby Hat
$25 @MStG

Don't you love vintage men's hats? 
They made them look so distinguished.

Vintage Suitcase
$26 @MStG

I love vintage suitcases so much more than modern day ones. Yes- they were heavier ;-) but they have so much character and they look awesome stacked {as my mom does} Can I just tell you that I don't even get a chance to buy them at markets because she snatches them up with the quickness!

Like she doesn't have enough already?!?!?! 
hehehehe <3

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www.MaisonStGermain.com said...

Very funny ha ha ha:) Didn't I give you a suitcase?
~Mom xxx
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