Thursday, June 17, 2010

You Learn Something New Everyday...

When I was in college, I used to use Roberto Cavalli's creations as inspiration. I hoped to one day be as fabulous as he... although I do not deny my own fabulousness- I am still secretly aspiring to be on his level. He is definately one of my favorite designers. I love his boldness - and his use of color and prints is epic.

Anyways... being bored with my wardrobe- I was looking through this seasons designs and I stumbled upon a purse designer named Judith Leiber. And I am so happy I did! ( Apparently she is pretty famous- but I never got the memo) 

For starters, she has an amazing story. She and her family escaped the Halocaust and moved to a Swiss House. She began making purses in her home and was the first woman to join the handbag-makers guild in Budapest. She met and married an American soldier and emigrated to the US in 1948. From there- she evolved into a fashion icon, designing purses for First Ladies, celebrities, socialites and most recently Sex in the City!!!

That my friends is called a "minaudiere"... something else I learned today. A minaudiere is a French word from the 1940s. It is a small ornamental case for a woman's cosmetics, jewelry, or personal items that is often carried as a handbag. Since it would not fit a diaper - I am not sure how much use it would be for me. However since a pacifier would fit ( and sometimes that is more important ) I might be able to rock it. Oh yeah- but then there is the fact that they are THOUSANDS of dollars. But they sure are pretty to look at.

Mrs. Leiber also makes designs fabulous clutches... I am always drawn to clutches because they just scream vintage- even if they are new. I guess I am just an old soul...

Thanks for letting me share my new found love for Judith Leiber with you! Let me know if you were in the dark too! And you can find her clutches and minaudieres at Neiman Marcus.




sissie said...

Ooh, I love her purses too. There was a shop nearby that used to sell her bags, but not the ones in the thousands, but most were

They are gorgeous.


Dee@FrenchBleuVintage said...

HI Nicole ~ This gives me something new to look for~ they are pretty great. I read your comment, and laughed. I know its so hard to laugh when they are driving you nuts, but if I didn't, I would cry. I hope it wasn't permanent marker - At a lunch date today, Rowan walked over to the next table and took a soda (and pickle) away from another child brought it back to our table and WOULD NOT give it back. reflecting, it really WAS funny - just not at that moment:) Enjoy said...

Love those bags! I wonder if she could do a baby chic one. I'm into baby chics these days.
~Mom XXX