Sunday, July 11, 2010

Is your name Summer? Cause you are HOT!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! I have to say I am not yet counting down the days for Stella to go back to school... (although yesterday was a close call. :-) We had a bit of a "heatwave"... which I thought was what summer was all about. But then again I AM the one in the winter complaining that it is too cold!


I also wanted to let everyone know that we are re-vamping My mom (Capers of the Vintage Vixens) and I will keep you updated. It will be easier and more FUN for you to shop (How can it possibly be more fun? you ask... Oh but it can!) So we are super excited (that's me talking with a lisp that my mother never told me I had... long story) and can't wait to give you more details!!

And by the way- can you tell I found 
How did I ever post a picture without it?

Thanks for stopping by!

3 comments: said...

OMG, I still do not hear a lisp LOLOLOL, daughter of mine. Love the photos:) Glad you posted again... people were talking;) lol

Makeup By LisaMarie said...

Briella's middle name is Summer LOL..... I love you pix but u already know that!!! :) And how do u add those small pix you have on the left side of your blog??

Makeup By LisaMarie said...

You Have Received I Heart Your Blog Award :) Posted on my Blog!! xoxo