Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thank you.

  On behalf of the Lopez/ Perez family, Manny and I would like to thank you all for your posts and your prayers for our niece Norma. Tragically, her body was found on Tuesday. We take whatever comfort we can in knowing that she is not suffering and was guided to Heaven by her Abuelita. Please continue to pray for her parents and her brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, this is only the beginning of toughest journey any parent will ever have to take. And please... if you have children or grandchildren... hug them a little longer and a little tighter today. Give them some extra besos. Randomly tell them you love them- and never ever take their laughter for granted.

Thank you again.

by Kathie Davis
Mothers, touch your children,
Fathers, hug them tight,
Let them know you love them
morning, noon, and night.

Put your arms around them,
hold them near to you,
Feel the beating of their hearts,
the life that you made new.

Roll around the floor with them,
tease and laugh and play,
Listen to what they'll tell you,
they have so much to say.

Take time to get to know them,
see the colors in their eyes,
Appreciate that person
that deep inside them lies.

Let them run their fingers through your hair
and down your face,
Fill their hearts with words of praise,
make home their favorite place.

Cuddle with them on the couch
and watch a t.v. show,
Sing with them or share a book
and help their world to grow.

Take a walk into the park,
hold each other's hand,
Smell the flowers, feed the ducks,
build castles in the sand.

Mothers, touch your children,
Fathers, hug them tight,
Show them what a gift they are,
to love them feels so right.



vintagesusie & wings said...

Oh my friend...
I live in the Lake Arrowhead area & have been following the news on your lovely niece.
I am so very saddened & sorry for you & your family's enourmous loss. I am heart broken & my thoughts & prayers go out to you & especially her Mommy & Daddy. This truly is any family's worse nightmare. I pray for a break in the case so justice can prevail but there is no justice that can ease the pain for her family!
May in time you find healing & peace in your memories of her & know...she truly is wrapped in the wings of angels!
Hugs & Prayers,

Makeup By LisaMarie said...

OMG Nik!! this made my stomach turn!!! I'm soo very sorry to hear about this awfully sad news!! My Prayers go out to you and your family!! What a beautiful girl and so young!!! It's a sick world out there!! We try so hard to protect our Children!! ((Hugs))

Lesli...Austin and Ryan's Mom said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I have lost a son, so I know the lifelong grief of a parent. I don't have siblings that can or want to deal with my grief or would even write a post as you have done. I just wanted to say that my heart goes out to you and your family. This journey of grief never ends, as the need of support from family never ends.